gnujpdf is a Java package (gnu.jpdf.*) licensed under the LGPL. It provides a simple API to create pdf files and print using subclasses of java.awt.Graphics and java.awt.PrintJob. The PDF classes write to an OutputStream in pdf format instead of a typical Graphics object, but the method calls are the same as they would be in any Applet or Application drawing to a canvas.

This project is a new version of a project called 'retepPDF' by Peter Mount. The project hadn't been touched in a long time and I wanted to make some considerable changes to it, so I started a new project and renamed the package. I haven't been able to contact Peter yet, but all credit to him for the hard work of figuring out Adobe's wacky file format.

Here's the obligatory link to Adobe's site so you can get Acrobat Reader (R) if you don't already have it. All Adobe logos and the pdf file format itself are the sole property of Adobe.

                   Adobe Acrobat Reader

The project is on SourceForge's servers at

I've recently started converting the documentation format to texinfo. Click here to see the html conversion of the docs.

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